Perfect for orchards and gardens


Species Malus domestica

Produced: UK

Climate: Cold, Temperate

Aspect:  East, South  or West- facing, fill sun or partial shade

Soil: most pH

Hardiness rating (RHS): H6 (-20 to -15 °C)

Soil type: Most soils, well-drained,Clay, Loam, Peat, Sand, Silt

Apple Cox

  • Cox is an old favourite, traditional, mid season, firm flesh, juicy apple that stores reasonably well, has strong growth, and is a regular heavy cropper. The apple is excellent for eating and juicing.

    Cox is a great, popular eating apple in itself but also lends itself superbly to press juicing when blended with either Jonagold, Spartan or Jonagored and a crab apple such as John Downie or Neville Copeman in equal amounts. These varieties all ripen in the same weeks, with the juice content of the two crab apple varieties John Downie and Neville Copeman nearly as much as the eating apples.


    Growing two or more apples together plus an ornamental crab apple also greatly increases pollination.


    Our apple trees are summer grafted onto MM106 rootstock to produce a semi vigorous tree even in poorer soils.


    Supplied dormant, 1-2yr bare root, 4-5 ft, from November to early April while stocks last. Due to demand, early ordering ahead is recommended and product will be despatched when conditions are suitable.