Perfect for gardens or orchards. Eating or juicing. Stores reasonably well


Species Malus domestica

Produced: UK

Climate: Cold, Temperate

Aspect:  East, South  or West- facing, fill sun or partial shade

Soil: most pH

Hardiness rating (RHS): H6 (-20 to -15 °C)

Soil type: Most soils, well-drained,Clay, Loam, Peat, Sand, Silt

Apple - Discovery

  • Discovery, great children's favourite, early season, softer firmness of flesh, juicy apple, with a strawberry flavour,  that stores reasonably well, compact growth, regular heavy cropper. Eating and juicing.
    Apple trees are summer grafted onto MM106 rootstock to produce a semi vigorous tree even in poorer soils. All our trees are grown locally by us.

    Plant with another variety to ensure pollination.

    Supplied dormant, 1-2yr bare root, 4-5 ft, from November to early April while stocks last. Due to demand, early ordering ahead is recommended and product will be despatched when conditions are suitable.