Common, wild, free-pollinated, seedling trees from local walnut trees

Juglans regia - English Walnut (common)

  • Due to free pollination, the trees could take various charateristics from the parent trees.

    Generally common walnuts will be larger trees (but not always the case) , likely to be vigorous trees and will take longer to bear fruit than a grafted variety, because they are grown directly from seed rather than cloned from material taken from an already mature tree . 

    The size of nut of individual trees can not be specified, also fertility is  less predictable than grafted walnuts where characteristics are known. It is not possible either to guarantee that the tree will be self-fertile.......but they are a naturally selected unique specimen.

    Depending upon the time of year the plant will be sent as either:

    November to March  - bare-root

    April to October - small pot

    1 year old - 30cm-45cm