Highly recommended grafted walnut, suitable for eating/oil



Juglans regia - Izvor 10 (eating & oil)

  • TREE HABIT AND VIGOUR: Medium sized, suitable for managed orchards, moderately vigorous with a light, broad crown.

    LEAFING/FLOWERING ONSET: Relatively early flowering, sensitive to early /late frosts

    NUT TYPE: Medium-sized, finely-structured shell, thin skinned, easy to crack.

    KERNEL: Light yellow to brown. Excellent, sweet taste. Fat content 69%

    LEAFING/FLOWERING ONSET: Relatively early

    CROPPING: Very good yields

    AGE AT FIRST BEARING: Early - 3-4 years after planting

    POLLINATION: Not self-fertile, requires a pollinator (Sheinovo)


    Depending upon the time of year the plant will be sent as either:

    November to March - bare-root

    April to October- small pot1 year old - 30cm-45cm